STEP™ Data Management System

The STEP™ Data Management System is a user-friendly, web-based data management system that provides reporting and analysis at the network, district, school, grade, classroom, and individual student levels for schools using the STEP assessment.

Through the STEP™ Data Management System, users can view current and historical assessment and literacy data so teachers and school leaders can assess literacy development over time. As an added benefit, users can also administer the assessment in real-time using the STEP Online Assessment System. The STEP™ Data Management System highlights trends and progress to assist teachers and administrators in positively affecting literacy instruction and to develop a plan for improvement. Each unique view of the data provides valuable information that, when combined, shows comprehensive results.


  • Assess students in real-time
  • Access to historical data and aggregate reports to assess progress
  • Unique accounts that allow teachers to view data from their classroom and individual students
  • The ability for school administrators to see aggregate data across multiple classrooms, schools, and the district
  • Training that is incorporated into professional development with access to year-round phone and email support


STEP Online Assessment System

STEP Online’s purpose is to support real-time administration of literacy assessments. As a teacher and student progress through the components of the assessment, the teacher will be entering data into the online platform in real time. STEP Online captures even more fine grain assessment data than the existing Data Management System does and as such, enhances teachers' ability to determine next steps of instruction.


The STEP Wall provides a high-level picture of how the district is performing. This view is also available at the school, grade, group, and classroom level.

STEP™ Data Management System: District Wall
STEP™ Data Management System: District Wall

STEP District/Organization Displays

STEP District/Organization Displays make it possible to look at overall achievement levels and growth by school and grade level. The displays also allow administrators to view whether assessment results have been entered for a particular time period.

STEP™ Data Management System: School Wall
STEP™ Data Management System: School Wall

STEP Individual Student Display

STEP Individual Student Displays focus on the details of assessment components. Users can view target levels and student results for each component, such as rate, fluency, and comprehension. There is also a cumulative record of each student's performance that depicts the rate of growth. This is a helpful display to indicate if a student is progressing consistently or has hit a plateau at a particular developmental level.

STEP™ Data Management System: Individual Student Display
STEP™ Data Management System: Individual Student Display