Forbes: The Key To A Better Future For Students May Be Social-Emotional Growth, Not Standardized Test Scores

New research underscores and reaffirms the importance of school climate and organizational conditions in student achievement.

"Social-Emotional Learning has become yet another point of contention for education activists on the right, who accuse it of being 'Trojan horse' for critical race theory. But research suggests that having schools work on social and emotional development is important for future student success.

A study from the UChicago Consortium of School Research looked at how high school climate and organizational context affect student development and achievement in both the short and long run. The study, authored by researchers from the consortium and Northwestern University (Shanette C. Porter, C. Kirabo Jackson, Sebastian Kiguel, and John Q. Easton), looked at Chicago high schools using measures of success beyond simple Big Standardized Test scores."

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