5Essentials School Leadership Coaching in Chicago

5Essentials School Leadership Coaching builds leadership team capacity to improve the practices that are critical to driving school improvement.

In 2015, UChicago Impact partnered with a local community nonprofit to help drive school improvement by offering a small cohort of schools 5Essentials School Leadership Coaching—a program designed to help school leaders build the critical skills, knowledge, and capacity needed to help make their schools better. Since then, UChicago Impact, with the support of The Chicago Public Education Fund, GROWCommunity, and the Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation, has supported 45 schools across Chicago, hosted over 40 professional learning sessions on using 5Essentials data to drive school improvement, and presented their coaching model at five national conferences, including the Carnegie Foundation's Summit on Improvement in Education.

During the 2018-2019 school year, UChicago Impact's 5Essentials School Leadership Coaches supported 50 school leadership team members across Chicago in their efforts to drive sustainable school improvement. At the end of the school year, 87 percent of partner schools achieved growth on at least one prioritized 5Essentials Measure that outpaced the Chicago Public Schools district’s growth on the same Measure. Additionally, 88 percent of partner school leaders reported that the coaching and support provided by UChicago Impact led to positive changes in the mindsets and practices of their administration and staff.

See below for stories about how 5Essentials School Leadership Coaching has helped Chicago school leaders drive improvement in their schools. 

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