Chicago Public Schools Cultivate Survey Information

Chicago Public Schools and UChicago Impact have partnered to administer the Cultivate Survey to your school's students

Chicago Public Schools and UChicago Impact have partnered to administer the Cultivate Survey to your school's students. Cultivate is a research-based framework and student survey that provides teachers with meaningful student feedback on the learning conditions that research shows can influence student performance. This insight is designed to help teachers create learning experiences that will have a positive impact on their students’ performance, identity development, and overall well-being. 

Below is important information about this year's survey administration. You will also find resources designed to help you and your school facilitate a successful and efficient survey administration. 

The 2022-23 CPS Cultivate Survey fall administration will be open from December 1 – December 22.

You can access the Cultivate Survey Manual in the resources listed below. Please thoroughly read the manual, and if you have any questions about your school's Cultivate Survey administration, please contact or 866.440.1874. 

To orient yourself to Cultivate and prepare for survey administration, we strongly recommend watching this series of short videos.

This video library will walk you through what Cultivate is and the research behind it, survey implementation and administration requirements, and the Cultivate Reporting Site. You can dive even deeper into the research and power of Cultivate by watching "Measuring What Matters." This video features Dr. Camille Farrington, a former public school teacher and one of the leading education researchers working to identify the non-academic learning conditions that matter most for student success.

Resources for Cultivate Survey Administration

Support Services Contact List


How Cultivate Works

The Cultivate Survey is administered to 5th-12th grade students twice a year—in the fall and spring. Students are prompted to reflect on their Mindsets & Strategies, as well as their classroom learning environments across nine Learning Conditions. The nine Learning Conditions are:

  • Affirming Identities: Recognition and affirmation of student identities
  • Classroom Community: Sense of community and mutual support among classmates
  • Feedback for Growth: Nature and quality of teacher feedback to improve student work
  • Learning Goals: Accessibility and connectedness of instructional goals
  • Meaningful Work: Interest and relevance of classroom learning for students
  • Student Voice: Opportunities for and responsiveness to student ideas and input
  • Supportive Teaching:  Breadth and quality of teacher’s instructional support for learning
  • Teacher Caring: Strength and quality of teacher’s one-on-one relationships with students
  • Well-Organized Classroom: Clarity and helpfulness of classroom systems and routines

After each survey administration, educators receive a comprehensive picture of students’ perceptions of their own Mindsets & Strategies and classroom learning environments, along with a set of “Prioritized Learning Conditions” they can use to guide efforts to create learning environments that support all students.

Learn more about Cultivate here.