Chicago Public Schools 5Essentials Survey Information

2020 CPS 5Essentials Survey information

Chicago Public Schools and UChicago Impact have partnered to administer the 5Essentials Survey to students and teachers. The results from these surveys are included on schools' SQRP to help inform schools, teachers, parents and community members.

The 2020 CPS 5Essentials Survey will be open from February 25-April 3

If you need further assistance regarding the student or teacher surveys, please contact us at or 866.440.1874. The 2020 survey is open to students in grades 4-12 ONLY.

If you have feedback or suggestions on how to improve the student or teacher survey content, please email

Note: The parent survey is administered and managed by CPS from April 1-April 30. If you need further assistance regarding the parent survey, please go to or email